Pallet furniture

With the creative recycling pallets we can create completely unique, stylish furniture as well. Find out more about the basics o pallet furniture and gather ideas for planning.

They are relatively cheap, and made of raw, unplaned wood. Creative people can convert and used them to build different pieces of furniture. There are a number of different pallet types available on the market, each with their own characteristics, but they are generally made of rough pine or poplar wood. The different structures include sliding, reversible, plain, solid cover, Epal, block or one-way pallets. They are usually 80 cm wide and 100-120 cm long, with a height of 128-130 mm. There are differences in the layout of the planks forming the cover plate – there is no standard difference between the planks – and in certain types of pallets, the planks extend beyond the crossbeam or the connecting blocks on both sides.


For furniture building purposes, usually one-way pallets with 5-7 or more planks are used, as they contain a significant amount of wood while still being relatively cheap, and their unpolluted surface is easy to work with or coat.

One element of presentation display made of pallet: